2014 Interior Design Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]

2014 Interior Design Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]

We have seen very subtle changes to home interiors these past few years. People are turning to classic furniture and color palettes that, more often than not, resist being associated with a certain period and being labeled as passing fads. However, each new year brings with it significant trends that help define taste and moods.

The coming year’s home trends are no exception. For instance, some favored colors for 2014 are cheerful yet remain subtle, such as subdued yellows and darker reds. Teal blue, khaki, and ethnic-inspired palettes draw from Mexican and Spanish interiors with judicious touches of earth tones. If more than one color will be used for a space, it should be best paired with a “natural” color such as the Pantone 2014 spring hues of sand, taupe, and water or sky blues.

Geometric and floral patterns are in for soft accessories such as drapes, throw rugs and cushions. Care must be taken not to overwhelm with too many patterns in one space, though. Furniture with severe geometric lines can be softened by floral fabrics or throws, and those with patterned slipcovers will look great against a plain, monochromatic background.

Less is more is still the rule to live by. Minimalist and ergonomic furniture provide comfort and declutter large sections of any room. As for texture, practical meets luxurious for many parts of the home. Gilded, carved frames for mirrors, sheepskin rugs over polished hardwood floors, office chairs with suede seats, and soft fabrics on chrome-legged furniture are just some examples.

The 2014 home, according to this new infographic from Glasstilestore.com, has certain buzzwords and and rules of thumb. If you want a handy guide on which colors, patterns, textures, use of space, and the kind of appliances and decor to go for, this would be it.

2014 Interior Design Trends [infographic]

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