Adding Pizzazz to Your Remodeling Project with Metal Tiles

Adding Pizzazz to Your Remodeling Project with Metal Tiles

Want to give your home a touch of drama and vibrant appeal? Decorate with metal tiles. They have a contemporary look and feel that is appealing to the eye. Many metal tiles are comprised of different materials and flaunt simple elegance. They look stunning in kitchens and bathrooms as they add a distinctive style and flair. They are also easy to clean which makes them a favorite with many homeowners. Metal tiles are resistant to water and will give your home enduring style. Here’s how you can use them to add geometric pizzazz.

metal tile backsplash ideas

Metal tile backsplash ideas

Image via: UHNY

Choose Uniquely Shaped Tile

Unique tile like Cirque Stainless Metal Tile is visually striking and creates a sleek and stylish modern look. It can be used in a kitchen backsplash or on bathroom walls. It can also be used in other rooms of the home to smarten up the space. Its modern curves add a distinctive flavor to contemporary interiors and make it a perfect fit for different areas such as the entryway, living room, bedroom, and even outdoor patio.

cirque stainless steel metal tiles

Cirque stainless steel metal tiles

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Try Metallic Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tiles are very popular with homeowners these days. They come in different materials like ceramic, glass, and metal and look good on both walls and floors. Some contemporary metallic mosaic tiles are made of different alloys and are extremely durable. They are perfect for creating attractive tile patterns. If you have a modern home, get tile with a clean design like Industrial Asiago Aluminum Mosaic Tile. It is a great alternative to ceramic tile and will add interest to your accent wall, kitchen backsplash, or decorative borders.

Combine Different Shapes and Patterns

If you want to create a unique pattern that will stop people in their tracks, use metal tiles with different shapes and patterns. You can switch the patterns in different areas of the home to create a house that is as unique as you are. Tiles with different patterns give you the freedom to create a range of compositions.

bathroom metal mosaic tile

Bathroom metal mosaic tile idea for a glamorous addition

Image via: CFM Floors

Metal tiles can be used in both interior and exterior spaces. They add elegant sensibility and update interiors beautifully. Their dazzling patterns add texture and interest and create instant focal points. If you have an interior that needs a stylish update, get metal tiles. They will get your creative juices flowing and inspire you to create show-stopping designs. They are strong enough for modern decorating yet beautiful enough to perk up your remodeling projects that want a sophisticated touch.

Creative Ways to Add Glass Tile to Your Bathroom Walls

Creative Ways to Add Glass Tile to Your Bathroom Walls

Whether used sparingly or generously, glass tile can transform a bathroom into an outstanding sanctuary. It can make the room more than just a place to freshen up. There are many ways you can use glass tile in your bathroom. It comes in a wide choice of styles, colors, and sizes and can create numerous compositions. Draw inspiration from the following ideas and install glass tile in creative ways.

Glass tile bathroom backsplash

Create a glamorous backsplash with reflectance with glass tile

Image via: Fidelity GC

Create a Glamorous Backsplash

While bathroom backsplash materials come in all designs, glass tile takes the lead. It is attractive, easy to clean, and inexpensive. It transforms bathrooms into gorgeous relaxation spots. The great thing about glass tile is that you can use it however you want; you are only limited by your imagination. Mimic ocean waves with beautiful tile like the Allure Waterscape Glass and Marble Tile or imitate water droplets with the Loft Ice Cave Circles Glass Tile.

allure waterscape glass and marble tile

Allure Waterscape Glass and Marble Tile

Image via: Tile Bar

Update Your Bathroom Walls

Just like the perfect accessory completes an outfit, glass tile can complete the look of your bathroom. You can use it in your shower, as a focal point on the wall, or as a backdrop. You can also create a lovely accent wall. Glass tile brings style, texture, and interest to a bathroom. It can personalize the space and beautifully show off your style. Create a peaceful luxury-hotel atmosphere with aqua glass tile or bring the outdoors in with green-colored tile.

Create a Varied Aesthetic

Glass tile can add depth to your bathroom when installed in creative ways. It can give life to neutral walls and create a fresh, modern look. Instead of installing it in a row as is the norm, install it in a geometric pattern to add visual interest. You can achieve this by using tiles of different shapes and sizes.

glass tile wall bathroom tub

Why not mix and match glass tile with wood, stone or other materials?

Image via: The Sky is the Limit Design

You can also mix glass tile with tiles in different colors and finishes. For example, you can contrast pale blue tile with black tile in a shimmering bronze finish. The bronze finish will give your bathroom additional light.

Glass tile is all the rage these days. It is generally used in bathroom showers and kitchen backsplashes but homeowners have started to incorporate it in fun and exciting ways in different areas of the home. If you love glass tile, get creative and use it in new ways in your bathroom. Who knows, you may even be inspired to use it in all the rooms in your home.

Creating a Serene Outdoor Pool Backdrop with Glass Tile

Creating a Serene Outdoor Pool Backdrop with Glass Tile

Looking to customize your pool? Look no further than glass tile. It is the perfect surfacing option for swimming pools and interior walls and floors. It is also suitable for outdoor showers and other exterior surfaces in need of a shiny update. Glass tile’s true beauty lies in the fact that it does not stain or absorb moisture. It gets better with age. If you want to create a tranquil pool backdrop with glass tile, look to these tips.

glass tile pool ideas

Use glass tile in your pool project

Image via: Van Loveren

Choose a Beautiful Design

In order to make your pool backdrop look more appealing, you have to choose a unique design. The design should be based on your personal style and that of your family. For example, you can choose bright colors if you have small kids or earth tones if you have a neutral yard. Glass tile comes in various styles and can be used to create different looks. You can combine decorative tiles with neutral colored ones and arrange them beautifully to create a visual impact.

Select the Perfect Color

White and blue tiles are popular choices for swimming pools as they reflect light and enhance the aesthetics. They are great choices for deeper water which is known to distort the color of tiles. When creating a peaceful pool backdrop, don’t use dark colors for the base. They make the depth of the pool less evident. You can use different bands of colors or use tiles with creative patterns like the Fusion Camellia Glass and Stone Tile with Silver Deco.

pool tile ideas

Use a mix of gorgeous blue tiles for your pool

Image via: Pool Environments, Inc.

Use Mosaic Glass Tile

Mosaic glass tiles are all the rage these days. They come in different color mixes ranging from iridescent finishes to plain colors. They look gorgeous when arranged into patterns and designs. The tiles make perfect complements to leafy and tropical landscapes. They come with rounded or square edges. Those with rounded edges like the Loft Royal Blue Penny Round Glass Tiles are more suitable for pools as they do not scrape the skin.

loft royal blue penny round glass tile

Loft Royal Blue Penny Round Glass Tile

Image via: Tile Bar

Glass tile is a popular choice in home decorating and outdoor pool projects are no exception. They come in a varietystyles to match a range of settings. Its most outstanding feature is its durability; it lasts for years despite constant use. The tile is easy to maintain and will make your pool stand out in the neighborhood. When choosing glass tile for your tranquil pool backdrop, keep the above tips in mind and you’ll be sure to pick the best.

Updating your Kitchen with Gorgeous Carrera Marble Tile

Updating your Kitchen with Gorgeous Carrera Marble Tile

One of the hottest trends in interior design currently is the use of Carrera Marble Mosaic Tile on floors and walls and as a design accent. Homeowners looking for a high-quality tile for their homes are turning to the product because of its timeless beauty. Carrera Marble Mosaic Tile is a wonderful interior design element which looks at home in both private and commercial settings. Here’s how to use it in your kitchen for a good return on investment.

carrera marble tile kitchen ideas

Carrera marble tile kitchen ideas

Image via: Pacific Management, Inc.

Create a Gorgeous Backsplash

Beautiful 3D tile like Illusion 3d Brick White Carrera Pattern can help you to create the perfect kitchen backsplash. It adds dimension to the space and gives the room unique sophistication. Its true beauty lies in its nature; it changes its look over time as variations in color and veining occur.

carerra marble illusion 3d brick white

Carrera Marble Illusion 3d Brick White Tile

Image via: Tile Bar

Some marble mosaic tiles come with mesh backing which makes them easy to install. The backing also separates the tiles adding to their design flexibility. Such tiles can be used on kitchen and bathroom backsplashes and other areas where water does not amass.

Consider an Accent Wall

Cold and uncovered walls can make your kitchen look drab and unattractive. Use marble mosaic tile to give the space life. It has a warm profile and is very easy to work with. It will make you look forward to cooking and creating new dishes in your kitchen. The tile has a variety of uses as it can be machined, milled, or tumbled.

carerra marble tile countertop

Use Carrera marble in tile format as a beautiful wall backsplash

Image via: Meghan Beierle-O’Brien

Complete Your Floor

Marble floor tile like Marquis Carrera and Mugwort Marble Tile gives your kitchen unmatched versatility. You can use it to divide the room, create a focal point, or make a path. Draw attention to it by mixing it with other flooring materials or tiles of different shapes and sizes. You’ll be sure to create an unforgettable design.

When installing marble mosaic floor tile, use a high-quality sealer to extend its longevity. You can use a stone-enhancing sealer to improve the overall look. The sealer helps bring out the natural colors of the tile which may be subdued after the manufacturing process.

Marble has been used since time immemorial to beautify palace floors, walls, and ceilings. While it was a show of wealth and power back then, it is now popular in homes and is used all over the world. If you’re thinking about remodeling your home for sale or you just want to perk up your kitchen, get Carrera Marble Mosaic Tile. It offers value for money and will help you to get a good return on investment.

Creating a Sophisticated Reflectance with Tao Glass Tile

Creating a Sophisticated Reflectance with Tao Glass Tile

Glass tiles are the new rage in interior design. They come in many styles and colors and add a touch of elegance to any room. They provide a clean, modern look to bathrooms and kitchens and can be cleaned frequently without losing their shine. The tiles are water-resistant and do not get damaged by mold or mildew. If you want the beautiful look of glass tile in your home, get Tao glass tile. It adds interest and excitement to spaces and enhances the look of a room.  Here’s how you can use it to create sophisticated reflectance.

tao glass tile kitchen backsplash

Try this Tao Glass Tile idea for your kitchen backsplash

Image via: Arizona Designs Kitchens and Baths

Add Colorful Tile to Neutral Spaces

No matter how much you love white, using it generously in your kitchen or bathroom can be detrimental. The room may end up looking like a hospital room rather than the warm, inviting space it should be. To tone down the look, you can use bright, colorful tile like Tao Eruption Glass Tile. It has an iridescent quality that adds interest and dimension to spaces. It also offers a welcome change from the white and light brown colors of ceramic and stone tile.

glass tao glass eruption glass

Tao Eruption glass tile

Image via: Tile Bar

Create an Accent

As a powerful and eclectic home décor element, Tao glass tile is capable of capturing people’s attention. Its comprehensive nature allows it to be used in other areas of the home besides the kitchen and bathroom. It can be used on accent walls or as a component of flooring in low traffic areas. When blended with other materials like slate, marble, and metal, it draws attention to itself.

tao glass tile bathroom idea

Tao glass tile can bring sophistication to a shower wall

Image via: John Lum Architecture

Using Classic White

Classic white tile like Tao Super White Glass Tile gives spaces a clean, modern look. It looks good in bathrooms and kitchens and adds to the beauty of the space. It is artsy, high-end in nature and effectively transforms interiors. Get creative and choose the most innovative design to revamp your kitchen and show off its best features. Complete the look by painting your walls a bright hue.

Tao glass tile looks good in just about any space. It is ideal for both private and industrial settings thanks to its simple design. It looks at home in traditional, transitional, and contemporary spaces. One of its best qualities is its uniqueness; it comes in a variety of colors, textures, designs, styles, and shapes. Unlike ceramic tile, its design and color aren’t painted on the surface; they are created underneath the glass resulting in light-reflecting elegance.